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International Women's Day - March 8th

Yesterday, we participated in Oxford University's web session on Women in Leadership roles.

It was good to get a European perspective on this topic. We appreciated the open and honest dialogue provided by the participants. For the audience the take-aways or the "Whats" seemed to be reasonably clear in their supplied flowchart diagram, although the specific "Hows" were missing.

Here's our list on the Top 5 Recommended Actions to take when "Taking Active Ownership".

The Top 5 When it Comes to

Taking Active Ownership:

1) Know intuitively, the Goals and Objectives of the organization through to the department level that you are accountable for, and "publish" them within your team in varied and repetitive ways.

2) Ensure that you speak to the threads of objectives relative to the initiatives that your team is performing within.

3) Ensure that each member of the team demonstrates their knowledge of your expectations and the key performance indicators you need.

4) When attending peer and CEO update meetings - Be fearless in labelling the performance achievements of your team and be clear about how they are achieving according to YOUR performance standards.

5) Go to bat for the team and assertively outline what you are doing relative to obtaining the resources as well as the rewards for high performance.

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