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Your Strategic Checkup 2023

Whether you're Board Chair, Executive Leader or Division Head, it's vital to meet the clear expectations of your stakeholders. This 2 hour experience with Barry Nelson will give you a perspective that is both inspiring and immediately and profoundly challenging - in a good way. Using highly practical techniques and templates, he'll take you through a series of questions that gets you focused on your current reality, and only what you need to focus on in the very short term. He'll write a very strategically focused prescription for how you might engage stakeholders through to front-line performers to act with you in a clear and accountable way.

Strategic Checkup

Pick from 4 types of interaction that will lead to very direct outcomes:

  • The Principals' Practical Check-up 

  • The Strategic Plan Practical Check-up

  • The Business Plan Practical Check-up

  • The Unit Plan Practical Check-up

How it Works:

  1. We'll help you choose the right Check-up based on your current status with regard to planning, or lack of it

  2. We'll assess and then build customized content, and we'll set the delivery date with you

  3. We'll show you how to promote the opportunity: breakfast / lunch session, offsite, town hall, meeting launch...

  4. We'll bring all the materials for a great experience

  5. We'll even follow up the session with an audio recap and prescription for follow-up to extend the change opportunities

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