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Strategic Tips for June 2017

There are opportunities each day, as you perform within your organization, to tie your work to the overall strategy of the organization. Here are some tips to help you focus on contributing to propelling the business forward.

Performer Tips: 1 - Look to understand the objective and task-related details of your division's Strategic Business Plan. 2 - Strive to link 80% of your project and task work to objectives defined with the Plan. 3 - Keep a record of your work as it relates to planned tasks and key performance indicators (KPIs). Remember to create a written update for your supervisor at least once a week.

This kind of focus is promotable! Supervisor/Manager Tips: 1 - Know the division's Strategic Business Plan and regularly review the applicable objectives and tactics with performers on your team. 2 - Perform regular reviews of performer activities as they relate directly to the plan and use the key performance indicators to gage progress. 3 - Ensure that performance is recognized as it relates to milestones within the Plan, and that any under-performance chases errant procedures within operations and relationship channels vs. the People. Executive Tips: 1 - Build a Strategic Business Plan based upon the Strategic Plan, that drives all performance within your division. 2 - Review the plan with your Management team quarterly and build in regular reviews of the key performance indicators. 3 - Ensure compliance within the Plan, but also adapt it at least quarterly, according to changing business conditions.

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