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New Year. New Ideas. New Strategies. New Goals.


2021 - A New Year. You're probably thinking about your life,

personally and professionally, and you want change. 


As you launch into this year, we've got three tools for you to use. 

Does the dawn of a New Year inspire you to review, consider your priorities, make changes, and set new personal/professional goals?

Setting goals can be easy. Making the actual life changes is more demanding. 

We're talking about execution!

And that takes

behavioural changes. 

There is a science to achieving these changes:

consistency is the key here.

So as you write down those goals for 2021, remember to clearly set your priorities, and chunk them down into measurable steps that you can document. Our handy template will help you now. 

2021 Goals To Keep - It’s OK to 

Re-Keep if You go Off Track for a Bit! 

Hey, you set a measurable goal, started, and then stopped. That’s normal with new routines. Well, at least you started in the first place, and that’s brilliant! The way that you achieve your goal is first setting it in a measurable way, and then by getting going again, even after a short break. 


Success comes in stages and you need to log them. It’s natural for everyone to stop. So if you started and stopped, simply restart again, with a reminder that each step forward is a valid contribution!

Practical Management of Canada Inc.

Need Support in up-skilling your staff on Goal Setting and Monitoring? We're really good at that!

We've got workshops to bring in-house, or we can customize a session for your organization

or team to include the specific kinds of demands you face each day.

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