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Keynotes & Short Learning Presentations

It’s vital to meet the core performance expectations of our stakeholders.  These 1.5-hour experiences give your performers the opportunity to work with their colleagues, engage new practical techniques and templates, and contribute to beneficial discussion while becoming more valuable to your organization. We focus on people being effective at planning and controlling all work that is important.

Try out one session, or schedule a series, whether for intact teams, or the whole organization. Top talent topics will be explored, and workers leave energized with a new engaging strategy to try out.

Popular Topics to Choose From

Keynotes and Presentations
  • Getting the Business Priorities Straight for The Team

  • Influencing Others and Boosting Engagement within Meetings, Issues Resolution, Performance Management and Innovation

  • Motivating and Engaging Talented Teams

  • Change Management

  • Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring

  • Mentoring the Top Talent for Succession

  • Conflict Management within High Value Relationships

  • Leverage Engagement Practices that Demonstrate Commitment and High Performance

  • Establishing Performance Expectations

  • Meeting Business Objectives

  • Delegating Strategy that Builds Responsibility and Engagement Practise

  • Time-Resource Management

Contact us for a customized solution to meet you specific needs, at no additional charge for design. 

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