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PMCI's Practical Newsletters

New Year. New Ideas. New Strategies. New Goals.

2018 - A New Year. You're probably thinking about your life,

personally and professionally, and you want change.


As you launch into this year, we've got three tools for you to use.

Does the dawn of a New Year inspire you to review, consider your priorities, make changes, and set new personal/professional goals? Setting goals can be easy. Making the actual life changes is more demanding. We're talking about execution! And that takes behavioural changes. There is a science to achieving these changes: consistency is the key here. So as you write down those goals for 2018, remember to clearly set your priorities, and chunk them down into measurable steps that you can document. Our handy template will help you now.

Check out our January Newsletter for 3 tools you can use in starting off the new year right.




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