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Change Fails 70% of the Time - What to do?  

There's a common misperception that people resist change. What we resist is the potential loss of control within our work.

Listen to Barry's 2 minute Tips Podcast on the vital two steps to take when you are faced with change.


Change Management Practical Management of Canada Inc.



Change Managemement Practical Management of Canada Inc.
Change Management - Barry Nelson PMCI
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Tips Podcast


Access our Change template by clicking here:

Whether it's organizational change, operational change, team change, or personal change, we're really good at facilitating the change that you need to achieve your success.

We can help you with Change right now. Click on the box below for an outline now. 

"Barry was able to customize a program that specifically targeted the requirements of our Group.  Barry forms relationships with participants very quickly, putting them at ease so that meaningful interaction can occur.  Barry’s methodology ensures that all attendees participate either in a small or larger group discussion.  This methodology ensures that many ideas are shared and explored in a “safe” environment.  The ideas are always recorded so that none are lost. 

Barry truly helps us to ask ourselves the “hard” questions, and then helps us find the answers from within ourselves.  This creates a natural follow-up system whereby ideas are explored and implemented or discarded, before moving on to the next one. 

If you are looking to move your management team or management style to the next level, I would definitely recommend Barry Nelson and Practical Management of Canada."

-Vice President, Insurance & Financial Solutions

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