Negotiation Skills Workshops

for All Levels

Executive Level Negotiation Skills

Building on the foundations of interest-based negotiation skills, this workshop deals with more complex negotiation issues and challenges. Practical, proven principles and techniques are discussed and applied in an interactive and engaging environment. You'll be able to identify "positional" tactics and how to respond to them, determine when to apply a team problem solving approach, use strategic focus to drive your needs, and apply skills within the organization and externally.

Negotiating Within the Team Environment

Communication, trust, credibility and influence opportunities will be enhanced through the use of negotiation best practices. Build collaborative partnerships and achieve win-win results to create buy-in outcomes. Build strong engagement during follow through and a positive attitude towards your next collaboration together.

Collaborative Negotiation and Closing Deals

-Partnering, Collaboration, and Unique Contributions

Everyone in sales is delivering at high speed. Win-Win Collaborative Partnerships are now the corporate expectation when you're negotiating with clients, assigning vendors, when working with internal sponsors, or motivating peer department workers. This workshop focuses on ascertaining both parties' collaborative interests and finding ways to meet them as well as additional unique ones you'll uncover. Meet both corporate and personal agendas assertively with minimal resistance using this negotiation methodology, and you'll be more likely to close the deal and keep the business long term.

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Negotiating Within the Team
Collaborative Negotiation and Closing Deals