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How Can You Make Your Presentations More Persuasive?  

Because organizations are built on information, presentations are a major source of passing this vital information between people, so they can make better an more informed decisions. 

Whether your presentations are face to face, aided by a PowerPoint deck, on a conference call, or during a videoconference event, you'll need to ensure that you:

Grab your audience quickly

Keep them engaged throughout your presentation

Thanks to technology and our constant device dependence, our attention spans have shortened. "We want it all. We want it now."

That means that right up front, you need to give you audience a reason to listen!

There are several ways to do this. We'll explore 2 of them here:

      Build Credible Trust                    Use a Leadership Statement

Listen to Barry's podcast on how to use these methods and access our useful template by clicking on the blue buttons below.

Persuasive Presentations



"It was a pleasure to work with you during the recent delivery of Persuasive Presentations training to our Inside Sales team. 

Barry is a strong and engaging facilitator that encourages participation and honest open conversations in a safe environment. The training was supported by workbooks, and practical exercises to reinforce the techniques being taught. 

In addition, the video you sent out as an introduction prior to the training  was a great way for our participants to meet the facilitator in advance of the session. The follow-up video with a quick recap of the concepts covered is a great add-on for sustainment."

-Manager,Strategic Learning

Persuasive Presentations Practical Management of Canada Inc.
Persuasive Presentation Tips - Barry Nelson PMCI
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Tips Podcast

When there's a lot on the line for you to achieve specific, defined, and measurable outcomes, you may need more support. We're really good at helping you develop the skills you need to achieve your success. Become persuasive in your presentations. We can help you achieve this now. Click on the blue box below for an outline. 

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