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What Our Clients Say

We build long lasting relationships. Our Customers stay with us.

Practical Management of Canada Inc. has been and continues to be a trusted source for management consultation for our Centre. They have facilitated two strategic and planning retreats with our Board of Directors and senior leadership team. Barry brings to these important sessions deep leadership and strategy expertise. I am particularly impressed with Barry's ability to organize and shape dialogue with the Board of Directors, fostering participation, honest exchange, and questioning of assumptions. He keeps our discussions on track and always finds a way to guide us to mutual agreement on important issues. The consensus of the entire Board is that Barry has been instrumental in helping us create a clear vision for the organization together with realistic strategic plans for achieving it."

President & CEO

About Our Strategic Work with Boards

Practical Management of Canada has worked with our membership school over the past several years facilitating courses that range from Time Management to Performance Coaching to Training our Instructors. Barry possesses a strong connection with his audience, is well prepared and has excellent communications skills that all translate to consistently high evaluations.

Barry conducted our long range planning session for our Board of Directors. He also facilitated our first ever Long Range Strategic Session for our staff. Prior to these session, Barry spent countless hours via webcast with both the Board and Staff to prepare them in advance for these sessions. 

As you know, a Long Range Planning Session can be referred to as your 'crutch' and without a successful plan it is very difficult to advance. Barry and his team at PracticalManagement of Canada Inc. did not leave us using a 'crutch' and delivered one of the best Long Range Planning Sessions we've had in quite some time. We will definitely use his services again and we would highly recommend Practical Management of Canada Inc."

CEO, Ontario Association

About Our Strategic Planning Facilitation

Barry Nelson did a wonderful job of conducting our "Exception Client Experience Workshop". He conducted it in 7 cities across the country and it touched over 300 of our employees. Comments and feedback from the class were outstanding and everyone has reaped the benefits of improved client interaction skills. In addition, we are now working on two separate projects that were an outcome of the class: building a portal interface so that our specialists can access information easier and an 'awareness' project which profiles various business units in our org each month. All around success for everyone!"

Manager-NE Region

About Large National Projects

Barry and his team bring a practical and focused approach to the Strategic Planning process. His own preparation and his preparation of the group he's working with using current technology is unique. I'm very comfortable recommending Barry and his team."

President, Board of Directors

About Our Strategic Facilitation

We were introduced to Barry Nelson from Practical Management of Canada Inc. at our annual convention. We attended one of his sessions and were so impressed that we recommended bringing Barry in for some management teamwork.

Barry was able to customize a program that specifically targeted our requirements. Barry forms relationships with participants very quickly, putting them at ease so that meaningful interaction can occur. Barry's methodology ensures that all attendees participate either in a small or larger group discussion. This methodology ensures that many ideas are shared and explored in a "safe" environment. The ideas are always recorded so that none are lost.

Barry truly helps us ask ourselves the "hard" questions, and then helps us find the answers from within ourselves. This creates a natural follow-up system whereby ideas are explored and implemented or discarded, before moving on to the next one.

Barry's pre and post meeting follow-up and discussion make his program an on-going process rather than an one-day event. 

If you're looking to move your management team or management style to the next level, I would definitely recommend Barry Nelson and Practical Management of Canada Inc."

Vice President, Insurance Group

About Our Team Management Growth

Our business is a third generation family business in an increasingly competitive industry. We decided to solicit the help of Practical Management of Canada Inc. to take a good look at our business from the outside in and plan strategically for the future. 

From the outset, the level of professionalism and insight provided by their team was very impressive. Barry was able to help us do a deep dive into every aspect of our operation and helped us identify various areas that required attention. Barry helped us face both organizational and personal issues in a professional and respectful manner, no matter how easy or difficult the issue was. He would not simply let us "off the hook" until the issue was fully addressed and/or resolution was found. As a result, we were able to establish a clear strategy and direction for our business for both the short and long term.

We would strongly recommend Barry and the team for anyone who wants to work "on" their business as opposed to just "in" their business. We have noticed immediate short term results from our sessions with Barry which is exciting, but even more exciting is the long term direction and potential that is now perfectly clear. Great job Practical Management of Canada Inc.!"

President, Insurance Group

About Our Strategic Planning Facilitation for Brokerages

For over ten years Practical Management of Canada inc. had been collaboratively working with us. They have delivered internal public workshops with open enrolment as well as customized workshops for intact teams that have addressed our identified needs. They have worked with a diverse cross section of staff from our head office, distribution centre, and our out-lying offices. I personally had the opportunity to work with Practical Management of Canada Inc. to assist one of my business partner groups. The customized workshop addressed some specific issues and was very well received by the business leader and the team. Practical Management of Canada Inc. is experienced, priced right within the market, flexible to work with and quick to respond. I would highly recommend their services."

AVP HR Solutions, Canadian Retail Corporation

About Our Customized Training

After teaching for 20 years, I thought I'd seen every trick. Practical Management of Canada Inc. showed many new tools and gave us the templates! This will change our training forever within our organization - improvements for our clients and skills for out trainers. Excellent workshop!"

Business Operations Trainer, Public Sector

About Our Training for Instructors

Practical Management of Canada Inc. put together a customized workshop for my Administrative Associates that was informative, inspiring and entertaining. Barry has a wonderful way of reading his audience and gearing his message appropriately that allows the learner to stay engaged and most importantly learn and develop. When I see my Admins still using the tools and ideas, I know the workshop was successful."

Manager, Adminisrative Services, International Pharmaceutical Company

About Our Intact Team Customization

I would like to recommend Barry Nelson of Practical Management of Canada Inc. as a Facilitator to your Organization. As part of our Leadership program for our Operations and Support Office Management, Barry facilitated a very detailed training divided into four phases: Executive Training for the Leadership Team, Leading a High Performance Team Toward Operational Excellence, Leading Supervision and Communication, and Cornerstones of Modern Communication.

Barry did a great job in researching and understanding our culture and applying it towards his training program so the participants could relate to it. All materials were customized to our day to day business processes and the pre-workshop and post-workshop videos were very effective with clear outcomes. 

The overall feedback of Barry's training was excellent. He met and exceeded the obligations set out by the Management team and I commend his commitment and professionalism during this process which was set through Ontario."

VP, Operations -Central Canada

About Our Leadership Workshops

I would like to commend Christine and Barry for their professionalism from the initial training inquiry through to the course follow-up. Barry's presentation skills and subject knowledge are exceptional. The course was customized perfectly for the needs of the participants and our company business, and the training was practical with a high level of participation. Feedback from the participants on Barry and the course content was excellent. I would highly recommend Practical Management of Canada Inc."

Training Coordinator, Dental Association

About Our Professionalism

Career Development is integral to any engaged employee. The time and effort to implement such a Career Development program in any given business is significant. It is my impression our company 'hit the mark' by having Barry bring his wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. The workbooks provided were geared to our company which engaged us even further. Lastly, we have a number of fairly dynamic and cross-functional teams in our company. Barry was able to illustrate very quickly that we all face very similar issues when working with our end client, customer, or service provider. This brought us together even further."

Portolio Performance Manager, Public Sector Organization

About Our Career Development

This has been the best time invested in years. Your workshop has provided the tools I will use to work and focus on my strong areas to bolster my self-confidence to allow me to succeed in more areas than just teaching."

Maintenance Specialist, Operations Programs & Standards, Nuclear Industry

About Our Personal Growth Development

We are a property casualty broker proudly servicing our clients with 8 offices in Ontario. Following a brokerage acquisition and the implementation of a new broker management system we elected to retain Practical Management of Canada. Our goal was to identify and prioritize core values and strategic goals while mapping out a plan for the future.

Barry's sessions were well structured and very interactive. Input was not only encouraged, it was demanded. We now have a vision and a realistic, achievable strategic plan. From an operational standpoint we have improved our communication within the management team and amongst our valued employees. 

One word of prepared to think. And that is a good thing!

We recommend the services of Practical Management of Canada Inc. to any brokerage who wants to be "best in class"."

Chairman of the Board, Brokerage

About Our Strategic Work with Brokerages

Thank you for the follow-up slides and video. I have received very good feedback from our team about the negotiations course. We were very impressed by Barry's energy, and also the customization of the course to our group's needs and company. That was a very nice touch. We are a pretty isolated group in the company, but I would recommend Practical Management of Canada Inc. to any other team."

Global Pricing, International Tech Company

About Our Negotiations Work

As a consultant for our Leadership and Organizational Development team, I was energized and enlightened by attending the breakfast seminars hosted by Barry Nelson of Practical Management of Canada Inc. Barry's facilitation skills are exemplary and Christine's "continuous" customer service is extraordinary.

The landscape of training and development professionals continues to change, and there exists a considerable challenge to provide learning and networking opportunities that are appealing for colleagues ranging in years of experience, depth of education and diversity across industries. With this in mind, I found the breakfast meetings useful and relevant. I regularly consult my "Practical Binder" to extract the valuable models and diagnostic tools I received at each breakfast meeting. I have shared several models with our Senior Vice Presidents and their feedback was highly positive."

Consultant, Leadership and Organizaitonal Development, Ontario Government Agency

About Our Networking

I wanted to express my appreciation to you for the seminar on Presentation Skills. It was extremely informative, and the class size and participation illustrated the importance of this topic to our success..

Practical Management of Canada Inc. is an excellent firm, and I appreciate your personally taking time to provide me with the timely information. The positive responses to the workshop are a reflection of your acceptance and credibility within the Telecom industry."

Senior Advisor, Business Solutions, Telecommunications Company

About Our Workshops

Working with Practical Management of Canada Inc. to develop the Customer Service training for our organizaiton was a true collaboration. Barry brought a wealth of knowledge and was able to quickly bring together our business direction, areas of focus and his years of experience into a very successful program. Barry's knack for providing examples and cases through the training session that truly resonated with the participants solidified the program to a level that was incredibly successful." 

Director, Learning and Development, International Real Estate Company

About Our Customer Service Training

When we needed Supervisory Training for our industrial plant we were referred to Practical Management of Canada Inc. and Barry Nelson.

Barry met our needs by delivering a series of four one-day training sessions that covered our most fundamental needs for supervisory skill development and engagement and served as the excellent model for the behaviours being taught. The consultant's obligations of meeting commitments on time, providing comprehensive material, ensuring an inclusive learning environment, and adapting to individual needs were met one hundred percent. Skills were practiced and tested. And after training there is a level of valuable follow up the likes of which are unparalleled in my experience. 

Organizations that are considering establishing a sound platform for supervisory training should consider what Practical Management of Canada Inc. and Barry Nelson have to offer."

Human Resources Manager, Manufacturing Company

About Our Supvervisory Training

Barry Nelson is a valuable member of our City advisory team. During development of the cultural plan for our city Mr. Nelson facilitated two workshops for us on the development of hubs. He researched the topic well and was easily accessible to consult as the workshops developed. He demonstrated an excellent art of facilitation in the workshops. There were clear outcomes, we stayed on time, and everyone got to participate with this diverse audience."

Director of Culture, City

About Our Cultural Involvement

We have had the great working relationship with Practical Management of Canada Inc. for several years now. They've delivered customized training on time and within budget for our big and small training events.

They are there from the start, designing and organizing the session, and they are there at the conclusion, debriefing and analyzing the session. They are accommodating and personable. They'll work with you to find the training solution that fits your needs."

Manager, National Learning & Organizational Development, International Accounting Firm

About Our Customized Training

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