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"Since 2013, we have been collaborating with Barry Nelson of Practical Management of Canada to build our team's capabilities in accomplishing our mission... Barry has helped us develop our skills in managing our projects more effectively and improving our communication skills, both internally and externally. These are vital skills that contribute to us achieving our goals."

                                     -VP Communications and Operations, Environmental Foundation



 We offer a variety of consulting, facilitation and strategy building services across  industries.

Practical, professional help at the right time can make the biggest difference towards your success. As industry-leading consultants, we’ve witnessed the impact of our strategic work with clients.

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For over 27 years, we’ve been assisting businesses in defining and fulfilling their objectives. In working for industry-leading clients, we’ve earned the reputation as a top consultancy. Proof of our wealth of industry experience - read some of our client testimonials. Want to be a client?  

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Business Strategy & Skills



We bring deep expertise and practical industry experience to help you to engage the change you’re needing to make,

to reach the goals you’re trying to achieve. 


Since 1996 we’ve been working with executives, managers, supervisors, team-leads and front line performers to help their businesses perform better. We spend our days helping businesses reach their long-term goals and sustain growth with practical approaches.  

As experienced facilitators, consultants, and coaches, we'll provide the methods, tools, guidance, and support that you need to build Strategic and Business Plans, performance skills, and decisions to achieve your outcomes.  

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Tel: 905-709-2536 and 1-800-561-5747 

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